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This is a simple vanilla texture pack/conversion for RTX on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition! It’s for the most part an exact conversion, and all non-moving things have been converted. Everything has had special care, and tweaking put into it! 🙂 but i will give you for low end device XD


All THAT DOES NOT MOVE, has been changed over from a straightforward vanilla to an exceptionally fancy, and conspicuous surface pack. Each square that should sparkle, shines. All that ought to be smooth and dangerous, is smooth and elusive. This might seem like simply a standard vanilla-to-RTX change, yet this one has a turn! This pack has a couple of uncommon, and fun sparkling squares! They can be utilized for testing, or they can be utilized for no particular reason scenes. It’s dependent upon you truly. Also, to get to those squares, while making a world you want to actuate the Education Edition setting. Those are what supply you with the Elemental squares, which are changed into the great squares with their own properties. So yes! This implies that you presently don’t need to forfeit cement, earthenware, or dirt to have the shiinyy liiights!! Accordingly this pack is amazing for universes that were typically vanilla, that you want to add an extremely pleasant touch as well! The additional squares incorporate may shades of lights, a warm and cold form of a white light, an EXTREMELY brilliant spot light square, a couple of disco and bright tiles, alongside a couple of fun materials like brushed Aluminum, and Copper! (Incidentally, for the squares to work appropriately, ensure the surface pack is actuated on that world, and not similarly as a worldwide asset)

I have a new, and devoted dissension server to this very pack now! To go along with it, utilize this connection!!:

answer! (Or if you just want someone to hang out with, lol) 


What do these addons do?

Well.. Essentially, they permit you to redo the pack! And change/add on things that you may like! They do as follows:

Shining Amethyst: This just makes it with the goal that the Amethyst gems, and precious stone squares gleam!

Gleaming Wood: Well I mean.. it’s wood, however polished! More fitting for present day assembles, or for more pleasant floors.

Extravagant Grass: Attempts to reenact optifine’s “Extravagant Grass” element, and makes the sides of the grass hinders all grass, with no soil. This makes the landscape look much more pleasant, particularly from a long way away!

Substitute Lamps: These change the surface of the red stone light into something more engaged for a more splendid, and more unadulterated light. it fundamentally disposes of the dark outlining, and makes the shading somewhat lighter.

(Broken for the time being.) Thicker Fog Addon: This MUST go beneath the base pack, yet fundamentally.. This thickens the haze on the planet. I don’t suggest this for endurance, however assuming you want to get those truly pleasant pictures with haze, this is great!

Shining Terracotta Addon: I don’t suggest this for typical game play. This will cause town houses to shine, that are made of earthenware. (since this makes the earthenware sparkle) This pack is basically so individuals can utilize lights for the NEON DISTRICT MAP. Just as having truly brilliant lights to play with.

Sparkling Ores Addon: This works everything out such that the minerals for the game gleam, a many individuals like this one! It makes the minerals look sweet, and makes cave jumping much more straightforward.

“ELR” Addon: Do this if you wish! This makes Lapis, Redstone, and Emerald blocks shine splendidly. This is principally implied for maps, that were ported OVER to bedrock, with the expectations of SEUS PTGI. (A java way following shader)

Clear Glass Addon: This disposes of the casing around the glass, somebody individuals like em’, and some don’t!

Water Addon: This disposes of the Minecraft vanilla surface from on top of the water. This is for the individuals who like the very clear water

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