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Top 5 Games Better Than Minecraft that are actually funny

1.Exploration Craft 3D

Exploration Craft is a 3G game in a open Block World game, which allow you to build everything in a 3D environment.
This Exploration game contains a large number of different blocks which you can craft your world.
Exploration Craft is inspired by a famous Crafting game and is still in development and contains many block, build and craft.
I hope to make you discover another feel than you can find in some Craft game.

Every advices are welcome !


Athar Craft – New Minicrafting Game
This a game that allows users to break blocks, craft cool items, and build amazing structures.
At night you will need to prepare for some fighting because monsters will invade you.
You can play MasterCraft with friends in Multiplayer Mode

Athar Craft – Adventure Survival and Creative Minicraft
you select your skin and customize your character with your image,
and unlock an experience worthy of your time. Once everything is set,
generate your perfect world and begin your crafting spree with MasterCraft in World Craft Block 3D.
You will discover a cubical world filled with wandering creatures and an abundance of trees.

AtharCraft Craftsman will look like the best place to start building whatever your heart desires,
but that will be until the night will fall upon you.
You better have a roof over your head when the sun goes down,
or who knows what monsters you will find lurking in the shadows.
Athar Craft Mastercraft is the middle of the forest can be very scary once the
creatures of the underworld start coming to the surface.
Are you prepared to face your fears?

3.Realm Craft 2021

Create and Explore. City build craft exploration, craft and build survival, kraft master craft and weapons, crafting & building 2K21.

Love building & crafting games?
RealmCraft 2021 is a mastercraft game for girld and boys, Realm Craft 2021 give your craftsman 2K21 expirience survivalcraft and building for free.

*** Realm Craft 2021 GAME FEATURES ***
• Create your own cities using blocks and other worldkrafts elements
• Crafting & building and mining everything in endpless world
• Hundreds of multiplayer worlds created by real players in online for fun exploration
• Tons of weapons, mobs, crafting and building
• Building & Crafting game with big 3D multicraft world Realm Craft
• Kraft city, realms and mini worlds built by others


4.Craft City Lucky Game 2021

A games on pixels images with attractive game mod survival and construction.
Experience with anything new in the game and do a mission for rewards.
Fight together in extremely attractive survival mod.
DOWNLOAD now for FREE !!!

5.MaxiCraft Adventure Time

Are you ready to discover all the secrets of life in a mysterious cubic World?
So hurry up and start this amazing building game!!MaxiCraft building and survival is afree and amazing building games, full of adventures in boundless cubic world!

Start your building and show the World your best game and constructions.
MaxiCraft building and survival is a Crafting and Building free game for the whole Family:

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