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Top 5 Best Realistic Physics Mod For Minecraft

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Do You want a realistic physics mod ?? Read This Article XD

1.New Player Animation

Player Animation Pack is a texture that includes walking, sprinting, sneaking, swimming, riding, and more. It will make your character animation look more realistic and the bending of the character will be more comfortable, I especially like the running animation here, which enables Steve to finally bend down and run forward, which is more realistic.




2.Coptaine’s Animation v1.3

Coptaine’s Mob Animation is a resource pack that aims to give the mobs new and improved animations while keeping the vanilla look. Enjoy playing with more dynamic and smoother animations!!!]


3. No Cubes Mod

No Cubes is a completely unique mod that aims to add an exceptional twist to normal Minecraft gameplay and is the first mod in Minecraft history to fully transform and improve Minecraft’s terrain. NoCubes drastically transforms Minecraft’s traditional blocky terrain into smooth, rolling landscapes complete with circular caves, flowing mountain ranges and jaw-droppingly realistic scenery while leaving your painstakingly curated buildings untouched.



4. Item Physics 

This addon adds 3D physics to the items in game. If you want to have a more realistic vibes and experience something new, then give this a try. You will surely have fun using this!

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