You are currently viewing Top 10 Futuristic Mods/addon For Minecraft PE || Best Mods For MCPE || Spunky Insaan 2.0

Top 10 Futuristic Mods/addon For Minecraft PE || Best Mods For MCPE || Spunky Insaan 2.0

-:ALL Credits Goes To Respective Creators :-

1. Cyber Craft 

Cyber Wings Animation

Main Tools Visual


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2. More Useful Chests Addon

Ever wondered if chests can have better functionalities? Or even more chests? This addon does all that and even better. More Useful Chests addon adds 7 new chests to your game! With more and better functionalities. Want a chest that other players can’t open it? We gotcha! Chests that follows you? We gotcha covered! Every possibility with chests this addon can make it true!

using a Crowbar!

Safe : Has the same functionality as the Jewelry. Unlike the Jewelry, it cannot be broken by other players, so it has the best safety upon other chests.

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3. Bedrock Backpacks

Bedrock knapsacks it’s an addon that adds north of +20 new rucksacks to use in minecraft bedrock. This rucksacks has a ton of shadings and desings to utilize and blend in with your minecraft skins and protective layers

Once you have your backpack, you can use ay dye from giving it different colors. Also, here’s the crafting recipes:

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4. Ossa 250 Tracker

• Bike subtleties
Has mid-rapid, 1 seat, progressed movements (made sense of beneath) and progressed sounds (additionally made sense of underneath).


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5. Utensils for Food 

Might it be said that you are exhausted of essentially putting away food in a chest and might want to see quickly what sort of food you have? There is an answer for this. Download Addon Utensils for Food and store your food better

Made by EndiKM

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6.Doctor Strange Add-on 

Have you at any point needed to be a strong magician and Master of the Mystic Arts? An Avenger? To have the option to project spells, to fly, and be unavoidable… ? Figure out how to control your powers to shield the Earth from the Dark Dimension.

  • you have your friend control the destination (perfect for role play).

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7. Jetpack Addon

Utilize this addon to add a Jetpack to Minecraft, alongside a fuel framework, making, investigation and extremely fascinating new things and squares, to play in innovative mode or endurance mode, since everything is totally realistic.

  • Jetpack
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8. EuForia Overpowered Weapons 

1. Hero’s Sword

Anyone who wields this sword will be endowed with a number of eternal powers, and only one skill can destroy The End’s main island. The more entities there are, the more insane the impact of this sword will be.

2. Shinigami Scythe

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9. MineCars Addon

Default MineCar (name: Reliant)

-father of all minecars



Lantern MineCar (name: Lumine)

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10. SERP Shaders

Shadows are affected by light sources


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