You are currently viewing 5 Java edition parkour maps for minecraft PE

5 Java edition parkour maps for minecraft PE

1.Structure Parkour

Structure Parkour takes advantage of the designs of Minecraft to make a vivid parkour map with moderate trouble !

You will track down a wide range of parkour with the new highlights of 1.15.2.

> Multiplayer viable.

Designated spots
Designated spots are taken by strolling on yellow substantial square. They are incessant particularly in troublesome aspects of the parkour.

Right-click with the carrot on a stick will immediately magically transport you to the last designated spot taken and will add +1 Fail to the counter.

In multiplayer, the designated spots are not normal (every player has their own designated spot).

There are heaps of impact squares to add fun! You should stroll on shaded substantial square in which each variety implies an impact (Jump Boost, Speed, Levitation, Slow Falling and Blindness).

A short toturial is toward the starting to kick you off!

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2.Spiral Parkour 3

This download will divert you to the guide creators’ own site. Not working? Click here to straightforwardly download the guide.

Parkour Spiral 3 offers a GIGANTIC new winding pinnacle for you to climb! Is it safe to say that you are adequately gifted to arrive at the top? Come find out!

Parkour that is a good time for everybody!
Numerous one of a kind level subjects!
Multiplayer amicable!
10 Easter eggs to find!
Snake parkour!
Positioning framework for added replayability!
Over two times the size of the principal Parkour Spiral!
Kindly note:
This guide is just for Minecraft: Java Edition.
To play it on Bedrock Edition (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, Mobile, Windows), you can get it on the Minecraft Marketplace

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3.Parkour Ravine 

Welcome to Parkour Ravine! A parkour map set inside a long and winding gorge. There are a sum of 50 phases to finish alongside a few subtle alternate routes that are ideal for speedrunning.

A things to note:
Water and Lava will kill you
Gold squares are designated spots. Try not to avoid past them.
This guide can take you somewhere in the range of 15 to 30 minutes to finish on your most memorable run, contingent upon your expertise.
Rules are standard: Don’t cheat, remain on experience mode, serene trouble, and so forth.

That is all I got. Trust you appreciate!

Parkour Ravine Map (1.18.1) - Adventure In a Long and Winding Ravine - 9Minecraft.Net

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4. Crazy Mountain 

his guide is tied in with arriving at the highest point of the mountain. To get to it, you need to walk a seriously lengthy path between two insane mountains. Pause… Did I say “walk”? By “walk” I signified “to parkour”! The path isn’t generally self-evident – some of the time you need to sort out where to go.

I suggest utilizing Optifine.

Assuming you wish to help my work, kindly visit my Youtube Channel: Sandbox Guy. Besides, you can visit my Patreon page.

The full rundown of my MC maps is accessible here.

Crazy Mountain Parkour Map (1.18.2) - Parkour To The Top! - 9Minecraft.Net

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5. Relaxing Parkour 

An extraordinary, agreeable parkour map intended to be played behind the scenes, RELAX highlights parkour challenges that will assist you with zeroing in on what’s truly significant.

Set in a quiet backwoods dale, RELAX will have an aggregate of six parkour areas, every one taking around
10 to 15 minutes to finish, and themed to an alternate region of the meadow: Forest, Grassland, River, Skybox and Snowy, with more than two hours worth of parkour when completely complete.

Unwind isn’t intended to be troublesome, simply a way to relax while paying attention to your #1 decoration, address, or web recording. Furthermore, it functions as incredible foundation film. To highlight this guide, kindly credit me at Notmikeweir

Minecraft relaxing Parkour 34 minutes 50 (lofi, no ads) - YouTube

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