You are currently viewing Lunar Client & Niz Gamer Sword Texture For Minecraft PE 1.19

Lunar Client & Niz Gamer Sword Texture For Minecraft PE 1.19

In this article, i am going to show you how to download lunar client for minecraft pe …. to download it read this article till end XD..

Oh, the beauty of 3rd party launchers. Ever since who knows when, Minecrafters have been using 3rd party launchers to play their favorite block game with extra features, better optimization, more settings, and much more. But why should you use a 3rd party client, and what does it really have over Vanilla, specifically? Today, we’re going to be going over one of these most popular 3rd party launchers surrounding PvP based gameplay and character customization, Lunar Client. Let’s begin.

  • Higher frame rates (in some cases, double!)
  • Client is usable on any server and is not considered cheating
  • Multiple mods based around efficiency and functionality (keystrokes, CPS counter, custom crosshair, cosmetics, auto gg)
  • Better UI (overall navigation of installations and server browsers)

Lunar Client also claims that all of its users experienced more matches on Tinder, however, there is no citation or evidence of this claim. Further investigation will be needed.

So, Lunar Client is essentially a better way to play Minecraft, assuming that you will actually use all of its features and included mechanics. I do recommend it for any of you that want to PvP seriously, as the mods it includes are genuinely awesome. Better performance also doesn’t hurt.

How to Download and Install Lunar Client for Minecraft? - Geekflare



  1. Scroll Down You Can see the download button ,click on it.
  2. after you click on it you will redirected into a page .
  3. here you see an 20 Seconds download Timer…. wait for download button
  4. click on that button it will start downloading automatically…

Lunar Client –

Niz Gamer Sword Texture Pack –


HYRD Shaders 




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