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Lifesteal Mod for Minecraft PE Download

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The lifesteal mod is based of the plugin from the Lifesteal SMP, where whenever you die, you lose a heart, when you kill a player you gain a heart! This addon is updated to support latest versions of Minecraft (for now) and addon features include; Stealing hearts, Crafting hearts, Withdrawing hearts, and even reviving dead players who lose all their hearts!

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Lifesteal Addon


When you kill someone, you gain their heart and they lose one

Hearts can be crafted, using this recipe down below:

Heart Fragment – Used to make hearts

Heart Essence – Used to make hearts

Heart – Used to gain 1 heart

Gain a heart by:

  • Killing another player
  • Using a heart item

Lose a heart by:

  • Getting killed
  • Withdrawing a heart

Withdrawing hearts

Hearts can be withdrawed by doing !withdraw <amount>

The heart of life

The heart of life can be used to revive people, to do it:

  1. Hold the heart of life
  2. Use the command !revive <player>

Craft it using this recipe:

1. Click the link under downloads.

2. This will link you to Next Page and just do the simple tasks. The only setting activated is the requirement to just read a short article to support me! You don’t even need to read the whole article .

3. click On Download Now Button .

3. Then proceed to download with the Mediafire link.

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