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Usage-Based Auto Insurance Becomes More Popular, Plus Top 3 Insurers By Region

With the prices of many things going up this year in the current economy,  this news likely won’t come as a surprise. Auto insurance premiums are on the rise in 2022.   Bankrate reports that across the nation auto insurers are filing for rate changes – with the average rate increase filing about 4.9% according to cited S&P Global Market Intelligence data.  (Rate changes typically don’t effect everyone equally. Read more about the process in the Bankrate report.)

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This brings us to J.D. Power’s new 2022 U.S. Auto Insurance Study. J.D. Power researchers say insurers are being forced to raise rates – else go out of business. Researchers cite a number of factors for this: a record high number of serious collisions, skyrocketing used-vehicle prices and surging repair costs.  As a result, the study finds a sharp decline in customer satisfaction with the price of auto insurance. Still, somehow overall customer satisfaction overall remains at a similar level year over year. Something J.D. Power attributes to the industry’s “notable” efforts to improve customer engagement.  User-Based Insurance Grows In Popularity The study of more than 36,000 motorists also found that most satisfied insurance customers according to the study were those with usage-based insurance  (UBI). UBI is insurance that requires you to allow your car to transmit telematics data, like mileage and driving behavior, directly to your insurer which in turn helps determine much you pay.  (Toyota and Ford participate in usage-based insurance plans.)

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“The current situation is a tough one for auto insurers, but it is not impossible in the current inflationary environment to build customer satisfaction and retention,” said Robert Lajdziak, director of insurance intelligence at J.D. Power. “J.D. Power finds two bright spots in the data for insurers. First, those insurers that are transparent and notify customers in advance of price increases can blunt the negative effects of a price increase. Second, usage-based insurance is growing quickly, with an all-time high number of customers adopting these programs and due to their experience using them, overall customer satisfaction levels have significantly risen.”

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