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I Installed Top 10 Mods That Turn MCPE Into Minecraft Java Edition || 1.18 (Updated

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1. Cinematic Cameras 

No experimental required!
Works on Realms!

This pack comes with plenty of commands that can be used to manipulate your cinematics.

function next_scene and function prev_scene

These commands are used to cycle through and create new scenes.

function play_scene

This command is used to play the current camera scene on the player the command is run as.

function stop_scene

This command is used to stop all playing camera scenes.

function show_scene and function hide_scene

Used to show and hide the particles on the selected scene.

function info

Displays the selected scene number, camera speed and number of checkpoints in the current scene.

function shortcuts

Gives spawn eggs that can be used as shortcuts to place checkpoints and anchorpoints.

function remove_last_checkpoint

Removes the last checkpoint placed in the selected scene.

This pack comes with plenty of commands that can be used to manipulate your cinematics.

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2. Java Aspects 

This pack supports New Default textures or Programmer Art textures. Adjust the pack option by selecting the gear on the resource packs screen.
Programmer Art textures require you to have the Classic Texture Pack from the Marketplace enabled below Java Aspects.

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3. Advanced Sneak + Crawl Addon

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– These are the spaces you can pass through.


4.VDX Java UI
Java Edition UI:

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5. Button Hider
Initial look at the Resource Pack:

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6. Connected Glass

Download Now RESOURCES PACK Download Now Behavior PACK

7. Realight – Dynamic Lighting

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8. AdvancementPack

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