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How To make Custom Totem Of Undying In Minecraft

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in this article, i am giving you the link to the custom totem of undying.. its and template you have to replace it by your skin

The emblem of undying is one of Minecraft’s most troublesome things to get. Evokers will constantly drop it on death, nonetheless, evokers just bring forth in forest manors and as a component of town strikes.

The totem of undying players to keep away from death once per symbol and will streak a liveliness on screen when utilized. The symbol concedes the player half of a heart, alongside these shelters:


If the player is holding a totem of undying in their off-hand or main-hand slot and receives otherwise fatal damage, the totem saves the player from death. The totem of undying must be in the player’s hand (main hand or offhand) for it to work—it does not work if it is in the hotbar, unless selected. Any mob that can hold a totem of undying (in a hand or in the mouth) can use it while holding it. The totem can be used only once; it disappears after use. It does not save the player from death caused by void damage, the /kill commands or even a tipped arrow with harming effect damage.[1]

The custom totem effect going off in-game (Image via Minecraft)


Installation – 

  1. Watch Video
  2. download packs
  3. download you skin in shape of totem (Here)


-Download Pack-


– Skin To Totem Converter –











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