How To Make Cinematic Using Replay Mod | Minecraft

To create a cinematic in Minecraft using the Replay Mod, you can follow these steps:

Install Replay Mod: Download and install the Replay Mod from the official website ( Make sure to choose the correct version for your Minecraft installation.

Record the scene: Launch Minecraft with the Replay Mod installed. Start a new world or load an existing one. Position your character and set up the scene you want to capture. Press the configured hotkey (default is F10) to start recording. Play through the scene, capturing the desired angles and actions.

Review and edit the replay: Once you’ve finished recording, press the configured hotkey again to stop recording. Open the Replay Viewer by pressing the configured hotkey (default is F3). Use the Replay Viewer controls to review the recorded footage, switch between camera angles, and make any necessary adjustments.

Set keyframes: Keyframes allow you to define specific camera positions and movements throughout the cinematic. To set a keyframe, navigate to the desired point in the replay, position the camera, and press the configured keyframe hotkey (default is U) to save the camera’s position and orientation.

Edit the camera path: Use the keyframes to create a smooth camera path for your cinematic. You can drag the keyframes in the timeline to adjust their timing and duration. Right-click on a keyframe to edit its properties, such as camera speed, easing, and field of view. Experiment with different camera movements and transitions to enhance the cinematic experience.

Add effects and music: The Replay Mod allows you to apply various visual effects and add background music to your cinematic. Explore the options in the Replay Viewer to customize the look and feel of your footage. You can adjust brightness, contrast, depth of field, motion blur, and more.

Render the cinematic: Once you are satisfied with the camera path, effects, and music, it’s time to render your cinematic. In the Replay Viewer, navigate to the desired frame where you want the cinematic to start. Press the configured hotkey for rendering (default is F4) to begin the rendering process. The Replay Mod will export the cinematic as a video file.

Edit the video (optional): If you want to make further edits or add additional effects to the exported video, you can import it into a video editing software of your choice. There, you can trim the footage, add transitions, apply color grading, overlay text, and more.

Share your cinematic: Once you have finalized the video, you can share it with others by uploading it to video-sharing platforms or sharing it directly with your friends.