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Himlands Mods For Minecraft

This Article is all about himlands mods in Minecraft. Which is popular series of Yessmartypie.

1. Super Wand

This add-on adds some great Wands,

In this addon only 4 Wand is available
And will be added again in the next update
With this addon maybe it can help you in Survival

2. Friendly Herobrine 

This add-on brings Herobrine in your Minecraft world. But he is not going to hurt you any more. He is the Friendly Herobrine. Except for the mobs in Minecraft. He will kill every hostile mobs except for the players. This add-on also comes with some extra items, the DoomBringer, Monster Friend Maker Herobrine armor, Herobrine’s power and Two new entities: Fallen Notch and corrupted Herobrine. The new update brings you Herobrine and Notch. Also many bugs are fixed.

3. Wizard Mod 

This is what the Wizard looks like in-game. He uses a similar skin found in the app Minecraft Add-on Maker. I customized the given skin to give it my own little twist. You can find him roaming around in the Overworld surface during the night, and will sometimes stay around in Villages in different groups from 2-4.

4. Villager Guards 

Village Guards are back! Train your villages into swordsmen and archers! Hire them to protect you on your adventures away from town! Raise an army and take on the illagers!

5. Serp Shaders 

SERP Shaders (1.19, 1.18) - No Lag, For 1GB Ram Android - 9Minecraft.Net




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