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Base pvp Texture Pack For Minecraft PE

basepvp is a default-edit texture pack that aims towards competitive pvp players and casual gamers. This enhances the experience of the game without losing the original default style of Minecraft.

This pvp texture pack is created by dfocus, and is made available for the Java and Bedrock/MCPE editions of Minecraft. It is downloadable only on MCPEDL.

With 15 different sword styles to choose from, basepvp helps players to fight with their favorite sword style!

basepvp presents a colorful and unique vibe with clean sword styles, fancy armor, vibrant resources, and beautiful custom skies.

Modifications like outlined ores, outlined wool, clear glass, compact bow, darker buckets, hit particles, and more that makes this texture pack more striking.

basepvp lite is a modified texture pack for bedrock edition that removes the custom sky, GUI, and particles that are included in the original texture pack. By using the lite version in phone devices, this will save you 5-20 fps. (My benchmark with my phone, performance differs per device)

varied swords (shortened to vs) is a series of different sword styles to choose from on top of basepvp. With the file that includes the different sword styles for java, or the subpack slider built-in the texture pack for bedrock, you can choose your favorite sword style within your fingertips.


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