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The Default 3D texture pack adds 3D blocks and 3D items to Minecraft. This makes the normal default textures look much nicer. Normally, the textures in vanilla Minecraft have no depth, which is why the graphics don’t look like a modern video game. Fortunately, this is changing now, because even simple blocks like the crafting table become three-dimensional. Know2Good’s pack is the best solution if you want 3D textures in Minecraft.

First of all the basic facts. As you could already see from the info box, you can download Default 3D for any Minecraft version. Accordingly, you will never receive an incompatibility notification, because every major update since 2014 is supported. This is not a coincidence, because this is the year when the creator started the development back then. Since then, he has added several new textures that set completely new realism standards in Minecraft.

Furthermore, it is to the creator’s advantage that many gamers get bored with the Minecraft graphics after a while. This is no wonder, when you see what graphic masterpieces are now released for consoles. As a result, this 3D pack became more and more popular, because it makes Mojang’s game at least a bit more realistic.